Bathroom Vanity With Vessel Sink


In today's modern bathroom, there are dozens of bathroom vanities to choose from. The more traditional sink designs are giving way to the more modern vessel sinks. Unlike traditional designs, vessel sinks do not sit in the structure. Instead, they stand on its own, and you can see the shape of the entire sink. It's almost as if the sink is resting on the structure. There are, of course, many different types of sinks that are made from different materials. The beauty of each type of sink is subjective, so it's really up to the homeowner's individual preference.

Porcelain Vessel Sinks.

Porcelain sinks are perhaps the most commonly seen. In fact, you don't only see them in homes, you also see them in public restrooms. Many homeowners like this material because it looks clean, sturdy and simple. A close substitute for porcelain would be clay. Although not as durable as porcelain, a clay sink looks very similar to porcelain in terms of outer appearance. Such sinks can come in many designs.

Stone Sinks

Stone vessel sinks provide a more solid look. If you have a concrete theme, you may wish to consider installing stone sinks to fit into the overall design. The benefit of using stone is that you tend to be able to enjoy the natural patterns on the stone. The materials come in naturally beautiful patterns and colors.

Wooden Vessel Sinks

You may be surprised to learn that there is such as thing as a wooden sink. It is common knowledge that wood doesn't do well in moist environments. So many homeowners are a bit skeptical when they hear about wooden sinks. It is true that most woods do not last under wet conditions. Only very strong and durable wood like teak and oak can be used in the bathroom. Such wood possesses resinous oils that help protect them from the moisture. In addition, a simple finish will give added protection to the sink. So don't worry about the wood rotting. Wooden sinks can be a unique addition to the bathroom.

Copper Sink

Copper is another material that is not commonly seen in the bathroom. Copper itself is not a shiny material, so do not expect the sink to have a glossy surface. However, copper can match almost all types of bricks, tiles and concrete. The natural brownish color allows it to fit into almost any design. Like all metals, copper can be very durable and long lasting.

Glass Vessel Sink

For more class and elegance, try installing glass sinks in your bathroom. Usually, you find these sinks only in luxurious hotel rooms. Clear class looks simple and exquisite, with its translucent quality. The sinks are also easy to clean and maintain.

When install vanities, be sure to spare a thought about lighting. Light can bounce off the sinks to produce stunning effects. For instance, a glass sink can refract the bathroom light and create a beautiful look. So don't ignore the lights when choosing your sink. You can usually get a good idea of the lighting effects from sample photographs.


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